Producer, Director of Photography 


Produced by Jay Holben
Produced by Jason Robinson
Directed by Jamie Neese
Written by Amy Heidish
Directors of Photography Jay Holben & Jayson Crothers
Maverick Entertainment Releasing
Rated R

Melissa is not having a good night. On her 21st birthday, she's caught her boyfriend J.T. cheating on her with a bimbo that looks like a swizzle stick. As she drinks away her sorrows with her best friends Anna and Todd, she hits upon the idea to hunt down all of her previous hook ups and wipe the slate clean. Anna and Todd think this is a bad idea, but damned if they're gonna miss out on some potentially embarrassing drunken hijinks. Thus starts a journey that takes the three friends across the Los Angeles nightscape: from front doors to coffee bars to nightclubs, battling karaoke singers, nerds who can't hold their liquor, jerks, sluts, bad jokes, worse-self esteem and mind games galore. It's a birthday for the books as Melissa navigates the tricky line between Closure and Crazy, scrambling to avoid becoming one of 2 Million Stupid Women.

A micro-budget feature film shot in 11 days for $85,000 in and around Los Angeles. Originally scheduled for a 12-day shoot, Holben brought the project in a day ahead of schedule and 3% under budget.

Neese approached Holben with the script in the summer of 2007, by October they had made a deal with financier for the full budget and casting happened in November, December and January. Cameras rolled in February 2008.

The project was also combined with Holben's Filmmaker in a Box and every moment of the show was documented and is covered in an extensive 17 and a half hour documentary presented as a case study for independent filmmakers. for more.  

Set Photography by Shannon Lee