Produced by Jay Holben

Jack is a frustrated aspiring actor in Los Angeles looking for a gimmick. He decides his way in to the business is as a stuntman, and what better way to get noticed than film a "documentary" of him as a famous kick-ass barfighter?! Except Jack has trouble finding fights, and he ends up losing far more than he wins. It's possible he's picked the wrong path.  

On the cutting-edge of mockumentary films, Bar Fighter is a fictional film that feels as real as any reality television. The actors portray themselves, they are the actual camera operators shooting their own world, the locations are real, the extras and secondary performers are real -- it's a riotus adventure and experiment in filmmaking.

Shot in 10 days in and around Los Angeles, Holben brought in the production 5% under the paltry $30,000 budget.