Lost Angel
Psychological Thriller
Written by Jamie Neese and Sean Patrick Traver
A young mother’s desperate search for her missing three-year-old daughter and the question of her sanity when the authorities can find no proof that her daughter ever existed.

Written by Bryan Stumpf
A mother's search for her missing son leads her to a terrifying struggle for her own life.

Thriller Web Series
Written by Jay Holben, based on a story by Jay Holben and Becka Adams
A a woman who finds herself homeless on the streets of Los Angeles with no idea how she got there, what her past was like or why she's being hunted.

'Tiz It the Season?
Feature, Holiday Comedy
Written and Directed by Jason Gedrick
Produced by Joe Mantegna, Dan Ramm

As the stress of the holiday season approaches, Lyle struggles with breaking away from his mother and her crazy Christmas trips with new boyfriends. His heart is set on accepting the invitation to the beautiful Zooey's family Christmas and, hopefully, finding his way into her heart - if he can navigate past her crazy family.