Producer, Director of Photography, 2nd Unit Director 

Produced by Jay Holben
Produced by Mark Russell
Director of Photography Jay Holben
2nd Unit Director Jay Holben
Written and Directed by Douglas TenNapel

1999, Rural West Virginia, on the Ohio River is the small town of Point Pleasant - a town devastated and virtually cut off from the outside world by the tragic collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967, which killed 46 people. Around that time, hundreds of sightings of a seven-foot-tall winged man with glowing red eyes were being reported in the skies over Point Pleasant. Then the sightings suddenly stopped. Three decades later, a young aspiring artist, Ellis, struggles with life in the small town and dreams of a career in Hollywood. After he has a sighting of the infamous Mothman, his life takes a sharp downward turn as he is outcast from the locals. Mysterious Men in Black begin making appearances around town; Ellis' personal items start to go missing as he struggles to find proof of what is haunting him - the Mothman.

Produced in cooperation with executives from Dreamworks SKG and shot on location on the site of the actual occurrences in 1967, Mothman is a film from the imagination of Earthworm Jim video game creator Douglas TenNapel, who wrote and directed this quirky drama. Holben was originally brought in to produce the film as delays in production caused a conflict with producer Mark Russell who was leaving for Europe to film Saving Private Ryan for Steven Spielberg. After the additional loss of the film's cinematographer, Holben was also asked to lens the film. A $60,000 feature shot on 35mm film and shot on-location in West Virginia, Mothman has become a legend that has rarely been seen. Closely guarded by the director as an "experiment." TenNapel is best known for his video games, including The Neverhood, and his vast array of comic book titles he's authored and drawn.

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