Unlike many texts in the genre, it’s easily readable and conveys its knowledge without the need to over-complicate... I would easily recommend it to both the neophyte and the seasoned pro.
— Richard Crudo, ASC (Justified) President, American Society of Cinematographers
The right book... is the book that contains the answers to your questions and a lot of good ideas. This is the kind of book that Jay has created. By studying this book everyone will be able to further develop a knowledge and understanding of cinematography.
— Yuri Neyman, ASC (D.O.A., Liquid Sky), Founding Partner of Global Cinematography Institute
Jay Holben has the ability to make sense of the myriad options [of digital technology] in a down-to-earth, understandable, and relatable way. This essential book collects a wealth of experience, advice, and expertise in one place, resulting in an excellent tutorial for beginners and a reminder for the old dogs that there are new ways to
think about the old tricks of the trade.
— David E. Williams, former editor-in-chief, Digital Video
Jay has done an amazing job of cramming a ton of valuable and accurate information into short and accessible chapters... I’m so grateful to have found “Behind the Lens.” ...a great overview of the many subjects a modern cinematographer needs to understand to stay up to date and relevant. The book provides an approachable and practical framework to help guide your lifelong research as a cinematographer. Jay is a thoughtful and entertaining writer and he digs deep where it counts to provide valuable and accurate information.
— Matt Workman, Cinematographydb.com
One of the best books dealing with just about every possible aspect of cinematography - from the creative to the technical to the psychology of the filmmaker.
— Jake Carvey, Filmmaker, 5-Star Review on Amazon.com
The best resource for anyone wanting to be a Cinematographer. Jay not only talks about the process he explains the why and how. If you want to learn more about being a DP and become a better and more technical film maker this is the best book on the market.
— David Pitt, 5-Star Review on Amazon.com
...a must read for any student of cinematography looking to deepen their understanding of the craft. Jay has the ability to take complex concepts and to break them into easily digestible examples and references... The chapters he has written on Optics are an amazing resource on a topic seldom explored in cinematography text in great detail. The book is littered with great illustrations, charts, and photos that really add value to the content. I highly recommend Behind the Lens!
— 5-Star Customer Review on Amazon.com
The wisdom and education shared in this book has had an impact on my abilities as a cinematographer and that makes it worth the price.
— Ben, 5-Star Customer Review on Amazon.com

The ever-evolving world of digital motion imaging can be intimidating and confusing to the non-expert. For over half a decade, Digital Video Magazine's technical editor, Jay Holben, has helped his readers navigate the ins and outs of digital images through hundreds of colorfully illustrated articles and columns. This carefully curated collection of articles from Digital Video, Videography, and TV Technology covers ground from camera technology to lenses to tips and techniques for better lighting. Holben clearly illuminates the very complex world of digital imaging, providing the reader with a solid understanding of how to create outstanding professional images.