Director, Producer, Writer 

Official selection of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Film Archives

A must see. Incredibly detailed and well crafted... a gripping thriller... nerve-wrecking... impressively dark and haunting...
— Craig Hamann, Cult Cuts Magazine
Unquestionably the most suspenseful... terrifying and believable... the filmmaker’s masterful use of sound, was enough to garner not one, but two, full audience screams.
— Christopher Swan, The Desert Sun, Palm Springs, CA
An intense setup and a rewarding payoff.
— Morbidly Beautiful
…wonderful build up of tension …fantastic. An eminently entertaining short.
— Blogspot Critics
Jay Holben’s “Descent” is fairly excellent... with some strong performances and a fun... third act twist.”
— Ken W. Hanley, FANGORIA Magazine
This one is definitely the best of the bunch. Not only does it grab you with its moments of tension, the mini twists...and eventual big reveal at the end make it something you could easily find on The Twilight Zone.
— Pat Torfe, Bloody Disgusting

Directed by Jay Holben
Written and Produced by Jay Holben and Christopher Probst
Your Half Pictures, LLC
Adakin Productions

Six weeks after witnessing the brutal murder of her best friend, Andrea is starting to put the pieces of her life back together. Immersing  herself in her work, she accidentally stays too late and finds herself the last person in a darkened office building.

She makes it to the safety of the elevator, already wishing she was home safe and sound, when the elevator makes an unexpected stop and to her absolute disbelief - the man she witnessed standing over her best friend's bloody body GETS ON THE ELEVATOR with her!

She's paralyzed with fear as the doors snap shut and the elevator begins to descend again. He has no idea who she is, but there is no question that this was the man who killed her friend. All she has to do is make it to the bottom floor and get to the security desk to call the police...


But, as fate would have it, the elevator - prone to such problems - gets stuck between floors and Andrea is trapped inside along with a brutal murderer!

The first collaboration between Your Half Pictures, LLC and Adakin Productions, Descent is a thrilling short directed by Jay Holben, whose previous works include the Stephen King adaptation, Paranoid and the touching drama The Night Before.