Director, Director of Photography 


Directed by Jay Holben

Directed by Rob Brownstein
Directed by Jeff Chassler
Directed by Gary Kohn
Produced by Noelle Messier
Executive Produced by Amber Dawn Lee
Written by Amber Dawn Lee and Gary Kohn
Director of Photography Jay Holben
Director of Photography Ashley Barron


 A junkie love story between two women, a truck stop prostitute and a truck-driver,  who battle their addictions and ties to a dangerous drug dealer in the hopes of finding love and faith in the middle of nowhere.

Charlie is addicted to heroin and Heather is addicted to speed and they become magnetically attracted and addicted to each other.

The production started in Texas, but stalled after losing its' director. Writer and producer Lee started reaching out to other directors to help her finish the project - each taking on a small portion of the film to help round out the story. Holben started work as a cinematographer for director Gary Kohn, and then continued on to direct several key scenes for the film's troubled love story.