"Understanding and Utilizing the Secrets of Waves"
An in-depth examination ocean waves, how they are created, how to measure and operate on rough seas.

"Bucking Trends" Article for Global Cinematography Institute newsletter. A look at current photographic trends that are quickly becoming visual cliches.


An in-depth and exhaustive primer on digital technology in the cinematographic world. Holben contributed several sections including an extensive section on image compression.  

For this informative look at some of author Stephen King's most influential and important works, Holben was asked to contribute an essay to the book entitled "Stephen King is..." His contribution was "...Not a Horror Writer" which details the humanity that King depicts in his stories and novels.  

Holben was a researcher and data contributor to the 9th edition of the American Cinematographer Manual  under editor Stephen H. Burum, ASC. His sections include revised gate aperture dimension charts and extensive standard lighting photometric charts.  

Holben's frequent contributions to the Cinematography Mailing List during the formative years of the online networking resource are prominently featured in this collective work from site's creator Geoff Boyle.