Included below is a list of great books - in no particular order. These are books that I found most seminal in shaping my education and career. These should, by no means, be taken as an end-all-be-all list of books on the craft of filmmaking. There are many, MANY other books out there and you can never read too much.

As I have talked at length about not personally attending film school, and that books were my primary education, I thought you all might like a look at some of my book collection. This is a quick snapshot of one of the ten bookshelves in my home. This one is dedicated totally to film. There are over 200 books on those shelves (and more on film on other shelves).

That is not to boast, it is to demonstrate that I am serious when I talk about my education being on those shelves. There are SOOOO many more books to recommend. If you make it through these and are looking for more (or these are already on your self) hit me up and I'll be happy to recommend more.

With full disclosure - two of these books are my own (I wrote 'em) and three others I contributed to. Some may consider that a bias, and they'd probably be right, but it doesn't mean the works aren't brilliant! ;)

All the best,
Jay Holben

For Newbies

By Jeff Alves, William-Alan Landes
By Eric Taub
By Bryan Michael Stoller
By Eve Light Honthaner
By Steven Ascher, Edward Pincus
By Frederick Levy

For Cinematographers

By Jay Holben
By Jay Holben
By David Stump
By Dave Viera
By Kris Malkiewicz, M. David Mullen ASC
By Michael Goi, Editor
By Blain Brown
By Sylvia Carlson, Verne Carlson
By Blain Brown
By Harry Box
By Gerald Millerson

For Directors

By Steven D. Katz
By Nicholas Proferes
By Steven D Katz
By Bruce Block
By Sidney Lumet
By Judith Weston

For Writers (and directors)

By Frank Darabont, Stephen King
By Syd Field
By Claudia H Johnson, Claudia H. Johnson

For Producers

By Tom Malloy
By Stacey Parks
By Deke Simon