Custom Actor Demo Reels

The best tool for actors today is a demo reel that sufficiently displays their talents, ability, range, and experience to casting directors, producers and directors. It is, often, the first request from those seeking to hire new talent. An actor without a strong reel is lacking a crucial tool to expanding their career. Far too often it is difficult, if not impossible in a timely fashion, to obtain the necessary footage from previous work to assemble into a reel.

For new actors who are struggling to collect quality work that demonstrates their abilities, the lack of a reel makes finding new opportunities all the more difficult.

The reel serves as a demonstration of abilities and experience for those looking to hire actors. It does what a headshot cannot: demonstrate talent and assuage the fears of the casting director that calling the actor in for a reading will be a waste of their time. For talent who is not yet 'vetted' with an extensive resume or representation from one of the top talent agencies - a reel is absolutely required to even get past the general consideration stage in the casting process. When casting directors receive thousands of submissions for open roles, they often discard anyone who doesn't have a reel. Thousands of headshots tossed away into the recycle bin without a second thought.

For several years, Holben has worked directly with a small handful of actors to develop demo reels for them. Unlike the assembly-line approach of many companies offering these services, Holben works closely with the talent to develop a custom, high-end reel that accentuates the actor's strengths. Each scene is carefully crafted to feel like it has been lifted from a larger project to add credibility to the performance and elicit trust from the production seeking to hire the actor.

These clips are examples of scenes specifically shot for the actors in question to expand their reels.

Becka Adams and Brett Hargrave

Brian Glanney

Becka Adams & Keleigh Kremers

Channel Marriott and DeNae West

Megan Reinking and Tamara Lyn

Becka Adams

Brett Hargrave

Brett Hargrave & Keleigh Keremers

Jada Kaufman and Jayden Frost

Pricing starts at $750 per scene.

Additional fees may apply depending on the production logistics required - locations, crew, effects, stunts, etc.

Each scene is custom tailored for the talent from original material (not from any previously published or produced source), most often written specifically for the actor.

For more information or to inquire about booking a reel shoot with Holben, use the contact link on this site.