Director, Producer 

Directed by Jay Holben
Produced by Christopher Probst and Jay Holben
Written by Jamie Neese

Cinematographer Christopher Probst called Holben at 3pm on a Thursday afternoon that he had a 35mm camera for the night and was looking to shoot something. Holben called good friend, Jamie Neese, to ask about a concept the duo discussed a few months before - and got the fellow director's permission to execute his idea. By 9pm Probst and Holben arrived at a location, with full cast, extras, crew, makeup and gear. In a mere 6 hours, an entire spot was put together. By midnight it was in the can.  

After editing, Holben decided he wanted two additional shots to clarify the story. The duo contacted the location, who was now demanding $3000 for a shoot day, instead of the $75 they had originally charged. Not to be beaten, Holben quickly built a theatrical flat, dressed it to look like the location and shot the needed inserts to complete the commercial in his garage.