From January 2013 to January 2016 Holben was the lighting columnist for TV Technology magazine, replacing the venerable Bill Klages, ASC. 


"Shape and Shadow with the Ellipsodial Reflector Spotlight"
Lighting 101 about the ERS fixture.
January 2013

"What to See in Lighting at NAB
Checking out the show floor at NAB
April 2013

"Inverse Square Dancing
An expanded look at inverse square law.
July 2013

"Estimating Green Screen Lighting"
A look at how to figure out the light necessary for a green screen.
July 2013

"Additive and Subtractive Color Mixing"
A primer in color theory
September 2013

"Don’t Leave Home Without These Lighting iApps"
From a not-a-Mac guy
September 2013

"Maintaining Proper Color Temperature While On the Go"
Loving that ExpoDisc
December 2013


"The Art of the Mired Measurement"
January 2014

"Incident or Reflected: Using a Light Meter"
February 2014

"Using a Light Meter to Maintain Atmosphere"
Think fog
May 2014

Seeing Through the Eye of the Fresnel
April 2014

The Composition Of Sunlight
April 2014

Fixtures 101: Tungsten
June 2014

The Parabolic Aluminum Reflector
August 2014

LED Is Coming of Age
September 2014

Light Sources 101: HMIs
October 2014

Exploring the Use of Space Lights
December 2014


An Exercise in Vintage Hard Light
January 2015

Changing Light Intensity
January 2015

Of Course, There’s an App for That!
February 2016

Blackness: A Three-Tiered Approach
March 2015

LEDs: An Update on Studio Lighting
April 2015

Lighting: Back to Front Or Front to Back?
May 2015

LED: Studio Lighting Update
May 2015

Looney Lumens
June 2015

Improvising Lighting
July 2015

Light Itself
August 2015

Lighting Toolkit
September 2015

October 2015

Working Girl Fitness: Small and Simple Shoot
November 2015

Holiday Lights
December 2015


The Power of Lighting
January 2016